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Spotlight on work from home business ideas – Independent Contractor Model vs. Franchising

Drawn to the work-from-home lifestyle and craving a better work-life balance, more and more Aussies are tapping into their entrepreneurial drive and trying their hand at startups.

There is a small business revolution happening, but it’s not the traditional – and arguably outdated – franchise systems people are flocking to.

Here, we look at how the independent contractor model differs from that of a franchise model, and how Laundry Lady is fast becoming a household name in Australia.

About The Laundry Lady:

Laundry Lady is a mobile laundry service offering next-day wash, dry, fold and ironing delivery for residential and commercial clients right across the country.

Its easy online booking system and low-cost startup opportunities have seen it take out top business accolades, including state finalist for the 2023 Telstra’s Best of Business Awards (Outstanding Growth) and 2022 Sunshine Coast Business Awards (Trades & Services) winner.

CEO and Founder Susan Toft was named Corporate Business Woman of the Year in 2022 at the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards and shone in national programs like the Ausmumpreneur Awards.

“Demand for our services has skyrocketed in the past 12 months as we fill a niche in the laundry market, catering for the small to mid-range jobs,” Susan explains.

“We now have a team of more than 170 laundry contractors – Ladies and Lads – working from their own homes, using their own equipment.”

Benefits of The Laundry Lady – a WFH business that’s easy to get the hang of:

People don’t join The Laundry Lady because they *love* washing and ironing, they come on board because they are seeking more flexibility in their lives and an easy way to boost their income.

Laundry Lady offers:

  • Low start-up costs – kickstart your business from $399
  • Work your own hours, discover your work-life balance
  • We get you the bookings – hit the ground running
  • Grow your income to your goals – earn $300 to $3,000 per week!
  • BIG BRAND backing – be part of our award-winning, national team
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Branding on-the-go – car magnets, branded laundry bags and flyers included.

Why the Independent Contractor Model is the preferred option to Franchising:

Why choose a startup like The Laundry Lady – which adopts an innovative and modern independent contractor model – over a franchise? 

Laundry Lady is NOT a franchise model – it’s better. Low cost. Quick start. Bigger areas, Less risk. Simpler. Australia wide.

Downsides to ‘old-school’ franchising models and why Laundry Lady is the smarter choice:

  • Ongoing costs – In addition to hefty startup fees (from $50,000 to more than $800,000), franchises often require continuing management fees. It costs only $399 to launch your Laundry Lady business, with ongoing support and training provided.
  • Exclusive areas of operation – Unlike traditional franchise models, Laundry Lady doesn’t operate on an ‘exclusive territories’ basis. This means you can travel as far as you want to travel (within reason) and we work with you to grow to the capacity you want to reach.
  • Waiting time to set up – Some franchises have a long lead time, from initial payment to months of training, and setting up the business. Here at The Laundry Lady, you can get started straight away. Our streamlined process means you will get off the ground within 2 weeks of your initial application (no big costs or legal fees needed!).
  • Marketing & Sourcing Customers – We take you through the whole process and offer ongoing support, unlike some of the bigger franchise chains. Marketing and bookings are managed by Head Office, so you can focus on the laundry.

The results: Laundry Lady has a proven business model that is now supporting more than 170 contractors to build flexible work from home businesses.

Who does a Laundry Lady business suit?

I don’t have a business background; can I still apply? YES!

We are looking for anyone who wants a flexible work from home business, including:

  • Stay at home mums & dads
  • Home schooling parents
  • Men and women who like to work for themselves
  • People who crave work-life balance
  • Business owners looking for a franchise opportunity
  • Laundromat owners
  • And everything in between!

Testimonials – mastering the work-life balance:

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from some current Laundry Ladies and Lads about their startup journey and how they’re supplementing their income and fitting laundry pickups around part-time work, study and family commitments.

“For me, it’s all about mastering the work-life balance.” – Michelle, Sunshine Coast

“With Laundry Lady, I don’t have to choose between work and family. It allows me to spend quality time with the kids and still provide for my family.” – Lourdes, Melbourne

Ready to find out more and get started?

If you’d like to learn more about starting your own business with The Laundry Lady, head to our Join the Team page for a FREE Information Pack.

Next steps – Once you’ve read through the Information Pack you can schedule an online interview and learn more about our Independent Contractor Model.

Start earning today and realise your business goals. Laundry Lady – it’s the business that’s easy to get the hang of!